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Blarney, County Cork, Ireland Tel:021 4385577 


This Description was written by Simon Greenwood Editor of "Special places to stay in Ireland

On a crisp, frost-white morning Helen Allcorn's wooded house reminded me of those Christmas cartoon houses that blaze an orange glow through snow-bound windows. It made me want to pad around in thick socks. The house even smells cosy! Helen built it herself 13 years ago, enchanted by its position in a wooded valley by a river, and her guests today benefit from her philosophy of doing-as-you-would-be-done-by (to borrow briefly from the Water Babies!). It's modern and extremely comfortable, with the sound of the River Shournagh an ever present gurgle in the Background.

There are three large bedrooms all en-suite which can sleep two, three or four people. The bathrooms are large and fitted with double showers and bidets. The beds are orthopaedic. There is also one single bedroom with private bathroom.

Whilst this is a no smoking smoking House there is a smoker's chair in the large entrance porch.

Helen loves animals and people alike, and her pets are often strays needing refuge.

There are polished wooden floors, country baskets, rugs, flowers, wood burning stoves all is fresh and pretty in pine. And it was really a credit to the house insulation on such a bitter cold morning that it was so warm inside. The bedrooms upstairs are equally pretty, with plenty of shower space and it's Egyptian cotton on beds. Breakfasts are a treat you should save time for and I recommend Allcorn's Country Home to you wholeheartedly.

Simon Greenwood
(Special Places to stay in Ireland)


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Helen Allcorn
Shournagh Road
Blarney, Co Cork
Tel: +353 (0)21 438 5577
Fax: +353 (0)21 438 2828

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